Best Developer Communities to Ask Questions

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Every software developer needs help with their projects - these communities are a great way to get it. Whether you're looking for general knowledge, you want to learn new skills, or even just breathing room from the internet to make code changes. I would recommend joining these communities as they can be helpful when they want to be.

Best Developer Community Sites


The name is self-explanatory, for problems over time caused when a developer (primarily) works on and provides any help to the project; here, we can find all questions that are asked from users of many platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.


It's like a community where we ask questions and provides good answers. Many programmers also advise on general technology topics, especially programming languages. Quora is similar to StackOverflow, but with a unique feature, you do not need an account to post your questions. On the other hand, no one will answer you unless you have an account issued by Quora. Just like StackOverflow, you can also upvote answers.


The beauty of Reddit is that there is a subreddit for just about everything. Also, each subreddit has its rules and regulations, which can be very strict or loose. No matter what skill level you are at as a programmer, there is always something that /r/programming can help you with.

Reddit is an excellent place to share information and build communities around your interests. The forum has been created for open discussion about news, science and entertainment but has become a great place to get help.


This is where you can post code, ask questions, collaborate and learn. You can also get help and submit pull requests. This is where you can find many guides, tutorials and solved problems that other users have already fixed.

If there is anything that you want to know or ask, it will be easy to find the answer because they have a wide variety of communities on their page.

Devhubby is a community for web developers to get help and discuss the latest web development topics. With a good number of followers, it will be easy to get help from them.

Crapcodes is a great community for any developer to see any bad examples of code like "dirty code" and learn from them.

What Questions Do Developers Ask?


Can you write a program to reverse the digits of a number? If so, provide some program code and explain what it is doing. If not, which operations in your code will produce incorrect results if added to another piece of code? Example: 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 112. Explain each case.


How can I restrict the MySQL database to a smaller subset of tables than the one I have in my database?

Programming Languages

Let's say I'm extracting some data from a table within an SQL Server database. How can I tell if any columns are NULL before I extract them?

HTML, CSS and JavaScript

How do you separate your javascript code into multiple files when using javascript libraries such as jQuery or Underscore.

What Makes A Good Developer Community?

Communities that give correct and precise answers to the questions asked. A society should be flexible enough to allow collaboration if a question is asked without clear-cut answers. This encourages the learning of programming skills and knowledge.

It Is User Friendly

It should be easy to navigate or search the website or the forum. The resources should be easily accessible by a user with no difficulty, making it easy to find what a person is looking for.

Open Communication

There should be an open communication system between users of all ages, genders, mental abilities and expertise. People learn from other people, so there should be a way for people to communicate for them to build relationships and expand their skills.

Is It Normal To Struggle With Coding?

Yes. Everyone does at some point. It comes with the territory of being a developer, and it's okay not to know something about a language you haven't learned yet or struggle to understand some code you don't have much experience with. The important thing is that you take note of it - and make sure you ask questions to start learning how to fix these problems on your own.

Who To Solve Your Coding Problems?

I think it's always better to ask yourself or someone else with the same knowledge and experience as you. The easiest way is to start by reading some books, articles or tutorials and then try to solve problems by yourself. Also, when you're stuck, ask someone for help. You can ask your friends or family, or you can ask on a community like StackOverflow or Devhubby.

What Type Of Questions Are Asked In Coding Interview?

I have been through many coding interviews, and the questions I have received can vary wildly. They can range from an off the wall question about sorting or searching data or a question about a specific language feature or function. The important thing is to be able to demonstrate that you know how to code and that you can do it quickly. If you aren't going through an engineer/coding job interview, ensure that your answer leaves nothing open for interpretation. The best way to ensure this is to write down some test cases for what you think the answer should be, then run those test cases yourself and see if they give you the expected result.

If you want to be a successful software developer, don't hesitate to ask for help. No one knows everything, and that's okay. Share your knowledge with others, and don't be afraid to ask questions.

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