Finance Your Company and Control Your Company Finances

Listed below are some websites and web applications that will help small companies finance their company and manage their company finances. These web applications span the gamut from crowdfunding entities to see-to-peer lending facilitators to online bill management and invoicing applications.

Finance your company

Profounder is really a crowdfunding entity. It enables business proprietors to “Raise money for the business out of your community. Get funding for equity or revenue share.” based on Profounders’s website. Profounder enables business proprietors to boost capital. Profounders’ site further states, “We are which makes it simple for your area to lead financially for your business, so they are literally committed to your ability to succeed.” Profounder offers related tools to handle this capital raising process. Who are able to invest through Profounder? “Individuals with whom you’ve got a substantial, pre-existing relationship, this group can include your buddies, family, and people you’re friends with in your neighborhood.”

Prosper is really a peer-to-peer lending network. From Prosper’s website, “Here’s how it operates: Borrowers select a amount borrowed, purpose and publish financing listing. Investors review loan listings and purchase listings that meet their criteria. Once the operation is complete, borrowers make fixed monthly obligations and investors get a part of individuals payments straight to their Prosper account.” Prosper circumvents “the middleman for connecting individuals who need cash with individuals who’ve money to take a position…so everybody prospers!”

Manage your company finances

Here are a handful of online entities that may help you manage your company finances. Both can help you automate your accounts receivables and payables.

FreshBooks is definitely an online bookkeeping and invoicing service for small companies and independent contractors/professionals. Based on Freshbooks’ website, “Bill 300K or fewer? FreshBooks is the accounting system. Bill more? Use our accounting integrations.” Regarding integrations with Quickbook, it seems that somebody inside it in the user’s company will either need to write the combination code or join additional support from Freshbooks that will include writing the code. Another choice is to export the information from Freshbooks and import into Quickbooks.

These entities help small company proprietors finance their companies and manage their company finances. If you have a complete-time accountant or accountant within the company, or you come with an entire finance and accounting department, clearly individuals online entities which help you manage your money aren’t targeted at you. However, for those who have a brand new division or are thinking about launching a brand new service and would like to track everything individually, one of these simple entities might be only the answer. Similarly, should you only desire to raise investment capital of $25,000 or fewer, among the above entities could be the perfect vehicle to make use of to get this done. If you want considerably greater than this, then you definitely clearly may need to look elsewhere.